5 Benefits of a Mobile LED System

LED display at Iowa State football viewing party

What is an LED Video Wall?

An LED video wall is a video display comprised of smaller individual units, or LED panels. The panels are linked seamlessly to form a larger display. LED video walls are popular in the outdoor event space because of their efficiency, durability and scalability. LED light shines much brighter so they can be seen in broad daylight. They can withstand the elements of nature including rain, wind, and extreme cold.

Mobile LED Display and their Benefits

Traditional set-up of LED video walls are built using a stationary truss and involves building out the LED panels on-site. Mobile LED displays are screens that are already built out and framed in on a mobile unit.

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LED panels lined up in a row
mobile LED screen at Riot Fest
stationary truss holding an LED screen

Benefits of a Mobile LED Display

  • Ease of Setup/Teardown: An average LED panel is around 2 feet by 2 feet, so you can imagine how long it would take building out and tearing down a large screen. Mobile units take as little as 20 minutes to set up. Just 1 less thing to worry about during the crazy time of event setup.
  • Flexibility: Need your screen in multiple locations in 1 day? No problem, simply drive it there. Need to raise the screen higher? No problem. Built-in hydraulic lifts raise the entire unit with the press of a button.
  • Footprint: Trussing systems often require stabilizing outriggers that can take up a significant amount of space. Mobile units have a much lower center of gravity and do not require outriggers. This means bigger screens that take up less valuable ground space.
  • Reliability: Mobile units are built and tested in advance. This reduces the chance of on-site setup issues
  • Price: Ease of set-up and tear-down translates to a lower consumer cost.

The Bottom Line

LED video walls are the way of the future and the perfect way to engage huge crowds with entertaining vivid display. The sky is the limit with mobile LED video units due to their remarkable versatility and turnkey nature.