5 Reasons to Rent an LED Video Screen at Your Next Event

LED screens are becoming more and more popular at events due to their increasing capabilities and affordability. Here are 5 major reasons event planners are renting LED screens and why you should too.

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  • Event Enhancement – Everyone can probably agree that the number one goal of any event is to entertain or inform the attendees. What better way to do this than with captivating picture on a giant TV? Vast content capabilities ranging from live camera feed to live TV to light shows and everything in between are sure to increase the event-goer experience.


  • Attendee Engagement – LED screens give a chance for social interaction. Involve the crowd with social media to screen. Film the crowd with a camera feed that broadcasts to the screen. Run digital marketing campaigns. The possibilities are limitless and a great way to involve the crowd.


  • Visibility – LED screens have an array of advantages over their competitors. But when it comes to outdoor long-distance visibility, there is simply no competition. LED screens can be scaled to any size and seen from hundreds of feet away in broad daylight, giving every attendee a first-class front-row experience.


  • Reliability – LED technology is durable and outdoor products are rated to withstand heavy rain and wind. If there should be a technical difficulty, good LED rental providers also include an experienced technician to fix any issues.
  • Advertising Revenue – Why stick to a static banner when you can display dynamic, engaging LED ads? Split screen capability allows sponsor loops to run simultaneously with the main content, reaching a huge audience.


LED Screens bring events to the next level with a giant clear picture and fun engaging content. Initial sticker shock can be a deterrent to some, but as they become more affordable and their capabilities increase, so does their popularity. Have any questions? Contact us below to learn more!