LED video screen rental is an event-planner must. Here we offer event planner resources to help you get the most out of your rental. From tech help, to tips and tricks, we are here to help!

tailgate graphic illustrating a large crowd of people on the left with a red x through it and a social distancing drive in tailgate on the right with a green check mark over it
man staring at a chalkboard illustrating his big outdoor screen options including led, projection, buy, and rent
graphic illustrating movie licensing, with a clapperboard on the left and licensed badge on the right
led display rental user guide handbook with magnifying glass laid over a close up of pixels
cars watching led screen rental from parking lot at a social distancing easter event
social distancing graduation concept led screen rental
close up of graphic designer making led screen content
stock image of led screen content ideas
16 9 modular video wall construction
a mobile led video wall is an led video wall that is permanently constructed onto a vehicle of some sort to allow mobility. it can be constructed onto a truck, a trailer, a golf cart, or any other set of wheels

Mobile LED Video Walls