Events are always looking for the next big thing and new experiences to bring to the attendees. Video monitors have been used at events for some time, but content capabilities and image technology are ever changing. Insane Impact is at the forefront of these changes and is modernizing the digital signage industry.

LED screens are no longer tied down to just one spot, but are uniquely mobile so everyone at your event can enjoy. These mobile screens are on jacks, trucks and even UTVs! Have guests view content from 100s of feet away, and see everything perfectly in broad daylight.

mobile led video rental itv unit

The versatility of renting a mobile LED screen for an event brings endless opportunities. Social media to screen is the ultimate way to enhance attendee interaction. Have your guests use text to screen or mobile voting to share their own photos and opinions of the event.  Send out powerful promotions, digital coupons, links or videos to directly target your audience.

Proudly promote your sponsors names, on giant LED screens. This technology allows for ongoing engagement with targeted demographics long after the event ends. Have your guests remember this experience and want to come back time and time again!

Projections and regular TV’s will get the job done, but to what extent? LED technology poses two huge advantages: 1) They can be used in with 100% visibility in broad daylight, and 2) They are scalable to any size, shape or vision. Imagine watching a movie or the big game on one of these at your next corporate movie night or tailgate.

impact jack outdoor event led screen

LED screens can easily be made into almost anything you want. The technology allows you to build your own screen that is uniquely yours.

Mobile LED screens amplify any event and make it an unforgettable experience to the event goer.  Think about using this technology for sporting events, festivals, fairs and concerts – on any terrain.