LED Video Walls for Sale

Insane Impact offers a huge array of LED video walls for sale to meet any LED display need. We have indoor and outdoor products ranging in pixel pitch from 1mm to 10mm. Our LED screen price is extremely competitive and our service is all-encompassing. New to LED displays? Learn everything you need to know to get you started with LED display at our LED Academy. Some of our LED video wall sales services include:

LED Video Panel Sales

6mm outdoor led video panelsOur factory-direct LED suppliers allow us to provide top quality LED video walls and individual LED video panels for an extremely competitive rate. Our various indoor and outdoor LED wall products can be applied to indoor venues such as museums, airports, hospitals, bar/restaurants,  and more! Some additional LED wall applications include business-front LED signs, LED billboards, outdoor residential video walls, indoor home theater led video walls, and more! Any display application that needs to scale larger than 80″ in size like your standard TV can – Insane Impact has an LED video wall solution for you – at a fraction of the price.

LED Video Wall Installation

Insane Impact not only sells the individual LED wall panels, but also offer LED video wall installation solutions. We have a network of in-house and contracted LED installation professionals that will bring your vision to life at a fraction of the price of the competition. We will source the LED panels, install the product, and set up all of the software and additional components so all you have to do is operate the screen. Our remote screen software makes operation easy – if you can operate a computer you can run our LED display software. Quote an LED installation here.

LED Signs for Businesses

led signs for businesses

Businesses across the country are starting to get on the bandwagon with LED signs for their business. An LED sign, as opposed to a stale print sign, gives you virtually limitless display capabilities. You can display real time data, including the weather or announcements. You can switch out your advertisement or message at will. You can display eye-catching, colorful animations. Due to the the versatility an LED display sign offers for business and their increasing affordability, LED screens are an increasingly popular signage solution for business.

Electronic Signs for Advertising

LED display makes a great display solution for electronic signs for advertising. These can be applied to any high-traffic venue or public space. Popular places for installing electronic LED display signs include airports, museums, storefronts, and more. In the increasingly saturated advertising market – an electronic sign can be the way to give you an edge on the competition with dynamic, eye-catching, and vivid ad content. Quote an electronic sign

Digital Signs and LED Billboards

Digital signs are replacing static print billboards across the country due to their ability to maximize ad revenue, heineken led billboardease of operation, and long-term overhead reduction. Rather than being stuck with 1 static ad that needs to be manually changed and printed every time you want to change it – an LED billboard allows limitless advertisements to run via a set schedule. The content can be pre-programmed from a remote location – hassle-free and worry-free! Learn more about why LED signs can give your business an edge here: 7 advantages of LED advertising display screens

Mobile LED Screens for Sale

Looking for an LED display purchase solution that is turnkey that can go virtually anywhere? We have that too. Meet MAX – The turnkey, all-in-one LED display solution available for retail sales. MAX can be taken anywhere outdoor and indoor and be operated as easily as running a laptop. MAX features

led displays on trailer

a 4.8mm high resolution screen on a compact mobile trailer. MAX was designed with turnkey operation as the number one priority. It features 2 screen sizes of 12×7 and 15×8, adjustable screen height, 360 degree screen rotation, onboard power, onboard sound, onboard production hardware and software, and more. If you find yourself renting LED display multiple times a year,

it may make sense to buy MAX. Learn more about MAX – The industry’s most turnkey mobile LED display solution!

LED Screen Price

best led screen priceOur LED screen pricing can not be beaten. There are several big LED players in the game that want to corner you into their pricing system. Insane Impact offers fresh LED solutions for a literal fraction of the price – in many cases we have under quoted our competitors by more than 50%. Since each LED display solution is unique, we do not list standardized pricing on our site. But email us what you are looking for and we will work with you to develop a customized solution for your unique LED video wall sales need!