The greatest time of year is upon us: it is football season for venues, and the tailgaters are out. Thousands of people head to tailgate hours before the game. Cool drinks, hot food and loud music are musts for a great tailgating event. But what can set you apart from the crowd in creating an unforgettable tailgate? An LED Jumbo-tron to air the big game!


This will make your tailgate THE place to be. Regular TV’s are limited in size and projection screens don’t stand a chance in the outdoor light. An LED screen will bring your tailgate to another level with size, clarity and versatile content. Enjoy live games, on-air highlights, music videos or sponsorships!


An LED screen will bring your tailgate to another level. Increase your corporate tailgate party or pep rally attendance with social media. Our social media engagement tools serve to bring attendee engagement to a new level while simultaneously delivering HUGE social media marketing results! And what do fans like seeing on the big screen even more than the game? Themselves!


For those who can’t miss a single play, double sided screens can play different games on each side. Never miss a touchdown or interception again!


double vision double sided video led screen rental


For organizations, student groups or stadiums renting our ITV for sponsorship opportunities, free handouts or donations is a great way to get around to everyone. Get your message to the most people possible, by riding around in the Insane Terrain Vehicle!




An LED screen will enhance your overall tailgating experience, and will guarantee that guests will want to come back for the next game.