Here’s Whats Happening In August at Insane Impact

This week we gathered together at Insane Impact headquarters in Urbandale, IA to discuss the current past and future state of our company – along with some big upcoming changes.

“Every good meeting needs a theme. The theme of this meeting is change and adaptability” – Tod Puetz, Founder and CEO | Insane Impact

Below are some highlights of those changes.

Product Updates

MAX Mobile Redesign

MAX mobile, our lineup of turnkey LED units available for both rent and retail is getting a redesign. Among some other subtle changes, the biggest change is the beefing up of our audio package. The new audio is to include 3x the wattage than previously, ensuring loud, clear audio that can be heard in large crowds.

New Product: MAX Light

Recently we have introduced a third member to the MAX family – MAX Light. MAX light includes a smaller screen size of 8′ wide by 5′ tall (MAX Original: 12′ x 7′, MAX XL 15′ x 8′) MAX light is available for retail purchase at a more economical LED screen price for events including fundraisers, outdoor venues, government organizations, high schools, athletic organizations, and more.

MAX Light: 8′ x 5′ Mobile Retail LED

LED Technicians Configuring MAX Light

SuperMAX – Redesigned, Innovative, and Better Than Ever!

Among our other product updates, SuperMAX, our most popular mobile rental screen, is getting a redesign. The product update will include the much desired small footprint – big screen design that our clients enjoy.  The most exciting new feature is the screen will rotate 270* and soar above the crowds for ultimate viewing angles.  The ultra-clean look creates a visually aesthetic appeal and simple turn-key set-up make the Supermax an absolute go-to product for any event size.

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Employee Updates

Meet Kyle Ortmann, Controller at Insane Impact, and also the newest addition to our Insane Impact family. Kyle comes from a management background in the retail industry, and his new role will be to oversee the daily operations of our company. In his Q & A session, he mentions his favorite part about working at Insane Impact so far is the employees and the company culture. He also notes having an office dog is another definite perk.

Kyle Ortmann, Controller | Insane Impact

Site Updates

We also recently had a site redesign in order to enhance the user experience.

“In the age of the internet, users have access to huge amounts of information at their fingertips. If the information they seek is not instantly available to them on a web page, they will browse elsewhere” – Ryan Meighan, Director of Marketing | Insane Impact

The site redesign serves to do just that. With a new simple interface, less clutter, and fast page load times, we are hoping to give users the experience they are looking for when shopping for our LED services. Click here to view our new Insane Impact homepage.


Business is booming at our busiest time of the year. Notable July events were The John Deere Classic and Guthrie’s River Ruckus. This month in August, we had a spot at Lollapalooza and we’ve got many more on the books for this month. To see some other events we have done, check out our portfolio.