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5 Tips to Make Your LED Sponsorship Signage Stand Out

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As a sponsor of an event, be it a music festival, state fair, marathon or tailgate, you need to take advantage of the opportunity by having attractive LED signage. Advertising your company on the event’s big screen can make a big impact with the audience, and exposes your brand to new, lucrative markets. So – you can’t half-ass it.

If you’re looking for help getting your brand’s message across, here are five tips to make sure your LED sponsorship signage stands out.

First, Benefits of Sponsoring an Event

Event sponsorship is one of the best forms of marketing for companies large and small – here are a few reasons why:

Expose Your Brand to a Target Market

Looking for a boost with your target market? Sponsor an event that’s in-line with your products, services or solutions and get in front of those people most likely to support you.

Expose Your Brand to a New Market

Looking for a boost with an entirely new market? There are events that happen every day around the country. Events present the unique opportunity to get your brand in front of those people that may not even know you exist.

Raise Awareness and Gain Authority

While not every person that sees your digital signage will necessarily become a customer, they will at least gain awareness of your company. Sponsoring an event also gives you more authority in your industry while simultaneously boosting your credibility.

Fantastic ROI

Sponsoring event can give you a high return on investment, because of the audience is normally confined within a specific demographic of consumers. For example, a music festival might attract more millennials while a sporting event might attract an audience that skews older.

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An animated logo will do a much better job at capturing the audience member’s attention than a static one. Use animations, moving images or even video, if allowed, is a great way to make your sponsorship signage stand out. Especially since you’re competing for eyeballs against other event sponsors and content.


Flying graphics and animated text is cool, but only in moderation. You don’t want to overwhelm people with too many colors or images to the point where it detracts from your message. The same goes for text; most of the crowd will be abuzz with the event happenings and won’t want to read a novel’s worth of copy. Fewer words at a larger size are best when creating digital sponsorship signage. Ensure your message is readable from across the event grounds.


Keep your designer on-call, in case an opportunity arises during the event. If something exciting happens, you can customize your message to create a stronger connection between the audience and brand.

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If you have a tent set up at the event you’re sponsoring, make sure to advertise your location on the digital signage. Communicate that there are giveaways, freebies, contests – anything that will get them to stop by and interact with your brand. It’s always a good idea to reinforce your digital efforts with complementary, physical interactions.

BONUS – Getting Great Event Photographs of Your Digital Signage in Action!

When you sponsor an event and have your name, logo or advertisement up on the big screen, make sure to capitalize on the exposure by taking some high-quality photos or videos of it in action. You can extend your sponsorship exposure by posting images to your website, Facebook, email campaigns and any other marketing materials you want. Unfortunately, many amateur photographers will run into a common issue when photographing an event LED display – the moire pattern. This occurs when the pixel density of your camera isn’t optimized with the pixel density of the display. To fix this, there are a few things you can do when taking event photos or videos:

  • Change the camera angle
  • Change the camera focal length
  • Lower the shutter speed
  • Adjust the focus to a different area
  • Edit the image post-production

We go into detail about how to remove the moire effect in our post – learn more by clicking the link: Removing the Moire Pattern from Your Event Photography


Those sponsors serving remote-access event areas, such as festival or fairgrounds, will greatly benefit from a mobile LED display. If the event management offers sponsors the chance to display their advertisements on mobile LED screens, take advantage. Thanks to new technology, many events across the country are choosing these go-anywhere vehicles that broadcast event content wherever a cart, ATV or truck can gain access.

If you need help making an impact with your event sponsorship signage, contact Insane Impact today! We’re the country’s leading experts in event signage and marketing. Our team is dedicated to providing each of our client’s with a first-in-class experience so they can get the highest return on their investment. Get in touch with one of our service representatives.