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Here’s How Renting an LED Screen Simplifies Events

When football season arrives, fans from all around the country descend upon the bars, restaurants and venues around their city to cheer on the hometown team. As a venue owner, every game presents a new opportunity to attract new fans and customers. And if you’re not putting on game day specials or events, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

If you want to draw a crowd to your venue during football season, here are a few ways you can draw a huge crowd.

1) Offer Game Day Discounts

To attract people to your bar or restaurant on game day, try offering some drink or food specials. For example, you could offer a dollar off tequila shots after every home-team touchdown. Beer discounts always do well – if you’re trying to get customers to stay until the last whistle, offer half-priced beers during the fourth quarter. Whatever you do, make sure the discounts or specials are significant enough to compete with other venues.

2) Host a Game Day Breakfast

Many games, especially in college football, aren’t played at night – so you may have to get creative. Host a breakfast for those fans that want to enjoy the early game, and have some fun with it. Encourage patrons to enjoy themselves with drinks featuring team colors, or a free mini box of Cheerios cereal with every beer purchase (“Beerios” are always a good hit with the college crowd!)

3) Throw a Tailgate Party

For those venues that have access to a parking lot or field, a tailgate party is always a popular game day tradition. However, the days of just listening to the game on the car’s radio is over. Mobile LED screens have become a popular choice among tailgate enthusiasts and party hosts. These convenient, go-anywhere vehicles are assembled with a high-definition LED display that lets viewers see the action from anywhere.

4) Host a Silent Auction to Support Charity

There’s nothing quite as exciting as game day. Take that excitement to the next level by hosting a silent auction in support of a worthy charity. People enjoy bidding on items in support of a good cause. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of giving back and improving your standing within the community.

5) Host Pre- and Post-Game Trivia Contests

While people may not want to participate in a trivia contest while the football game is taking place, try hosting a pre- and post-game trivia contest to encourage people to stay at your venue for a longer period of time. The longer they stay, the more they’re likely to spend.

6) Invite Fantasy Footballers

Fantasy football players are a ripe audience if you’re trying to draw a crowd on game day. You know there are millions of players out there – draw some of them in by hosting a fantasy football contest at your venue. You can track weekly stats and hand out prizes to the winners each week throughout the football season. This is a sure-fire way to keep customers coming back.

7) Invest in a Big Screen to See All the Action

When it comes to football, the fans want to see every tackle, touchdown and penalty up close. Put some money towards a striking LED display rental and your audience will feel like they’re in the front row.

8) Provide Party Favors and Sell Merchandise

For that extra bit of impact, give away fun, unique party favors. For example, you could hand out team-themed items like plastic footballs or miniature helmets. Or, go a more humorous route: hand out bottles of water and custom label them as a “hangover cure”. That’s sure to put the bar crowd in good spirits.

Additionally, don’t pass up an opportunity to bring in some extra revenue by selling brand merchandise, such as shirts, hats, mugs and lanyards. If your game day party is successful, you should have more than a few people lining up to hand their money over in support of your venue.



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