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Mobile LED Screens - A Comprehensive Guide for US Businesses in 2024

Mobile LED screens have taken the world by storm and businesses across the United States are taking advantage in a big way.

However, it’s important to understand what a mobile LED screen is, who uses them, and if you or your business should consider embracing the technology.

As the country’s leading manufacturer of mobile LED screen trailers, Insane Impact is here to set the record straight.

Mobile LED Screen Definition

The term mobile LED screen, refers to an LED video wall that is built onto a set of wheels, typically a truck or trailer. You may also hear them being referred to as mobile video walls, mobile LED displays, mobile jumbotrons, and various other terms.

A mobile LED screen built onto a trailer is referred to as an LED screen trailer. It may also be referred to as an LED display trailer or a video wall trailer.

Similarly, a mobile LED screen built onto a truck can be called an LED screen truck, video wall truck, digital billboard truck, and so forth.

Despite the diverse terminology, all these names essentially describe the same concept: video walls designed for mobility.

Let’s break down that definition into its three elements:


The word mobile means it can be moved around easily. The two most common vehicles that allow this mobility are trailers and trucks, but you can also spot mobile LED screens on other things like flight cases or boats.

Unlike mobile LED screens, which are portable, traditional video walls remain stationary. They are either temporarily assembled on the ground using trussing equipment, known as modular video walls, or permanently installed on the ground or other fixtures, referred to as fixed installations.


LED serves as the display technology, utilizing an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for video displays.

Standing out from its brightness, energy efficiency, and widespread application in display technologies, LED technology is likely found in both the TV in your living room and the phone in your pocket. Mobile LED screens also employ this technology, just in a different manner.

Video Wall

A video wall comprises multiple linked LED panels, typically measuring around 2′ by 2′ each. These walls create expansive displays, surpassing the size achievable by a single-panel display. The flexibility of video walls allows them to be scaled to any desired size or aspect ratio.

Outdoor video wall panels, similar to those used in mobile LED screens, are exceptionally bright for visibility in outdoor settings. To put it in perspective, while regular TVs typically have around 500 nits (the standard unit of brightness for LED displays), outdoor video walls start at approximately 3,000 nits and can exceed 10,000 nits.

Lastly, outdoor video walls boast robust enclosures, measured by the IP rating, making them virtually weatherproof.

Mobile LED Screen Trailers

LED screen trailers, such as the MAX Mobile LED product suite offered by Insane Impact, are the most popular method for fabricating mobile LED screens. This popularity stems from the greater logistical flexibility they offer compared to LED screen trucks. These trailers can be attached to any pickup truck and easily detached upon reaching their destination. The ability to unhitch from the vehicle not only ensures a cleaner aesthetic but also allows for fitting into tighter spaces.

Trailers are the go-to fabrication method for most applications, thanks to the combination of logistical flexibility and visual appeal they provide.

Mobile LED Screen Trucks

In contrast to LED screen trailers, LED screen trucks contain the video wall permanently fabricated onto the truck itself.

These trucks are primarily used for mobile digital billboard applications, where the term mobile digital billboard typically refers to trucks displaying dynamic content while in motion on the streets.

While LED display wall trucks can also be employed in stationary settings such as events and signage, a drawback is that the truck’s presence can occupy a significant amount of space, and it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a visually striking trailer.

Additionally, purchasing an LED screen truck involves paying for the entire vehicle, potentially making them more expensive.

Mobile LED Screen Design & Features, & Capabilities

Mobile LED screens typically contain everything required for production right onboard. In addition to the video wall panels and the vehicle itself, they include the cabling to hook everything together, the power for operating the screen, the LED digitizer for mapping everything out, the computer for uploading and running content, and display software to manage and broadcast the content to the screen.

In addition, premium mobile displays include features such as onboard audio, storage compartments, WIFI, Satellite, and design customizations.

They generally operate using a standard laptop, and once configured, the process is as straightforward as extending a display from your computer to an external monitor or TV through an HDMI cable. Mobile LED video walls operate similarly, with the added step of using a digitizer to map out individual panels to form one seamless display.

Many of these mobile LED screens are equipped with outriggers for structural stability, hydraulic lifts to raise and lower the screen, and a swivel screen design allowing a 360-degree rotation for optimal positioning.

When it comes to the content itself, anything that you could display on your computer can be either mirrored or extended onto the video wall. This versatility allows you to full-screen a web browser to display real-time data, upload a movie for a park event, plug in a flash drive to play video files, and so much more.

Mobile LED Screen Benefits

Compared to their stationary counterparts, such as modular trussing or fixed installations, mobile LED screens can be summarized by one key term: Efficiency.

Specifically, mobile LED screens enhance efficiency by providing:

Logistical Flexibility

Need to reposition the angle of the screen mid-event? No problem. Need it in multiple locations in one day? Consider it done. Putting a video wall on wheels makes all of this and more a piece of cake.

Reduced Employee Overhead

In temporary setups like events, assembling and disassembling modular video walls demands a substantial crew of skilled rigging professionals. Additionally, there’s the expense of hiring a transportation company to transport flight cases of panels, along with a technician to configure and operate the display. This results in a significant investment of both time and money.

On the other hand, a mobile LED screen simplifies the process, requiring only one person to handle all tasks. This individual can drive the mobile unit, extend the outriggers, power it on, and then drive it away. You go from needing a whole crew of highly trained people, to just one person who can do everything with relatively little training and qualifications.

Faster & Easier Operation

We mentioned this before, but it’s so important that it deserves its own section. 

In high-pressure situations like live concerts, sporting events, or festivals, time is absolutely critical. Every minute matters as everyone rushes against the clock and other vendors to get ready for the show.

Enter the mobile screen – it simplifies the whole ordeal. It takes around 15 minutes to set up, a couple of button presses to get it up and running, and when you’re done, you can pack it away even faster than it took to assemble. 

These three elements together lead to improved performance at a lower cost and with less hassle compared to traditional stationary video walls.

Mobile LED Screen Applications

Mobile LED screens prove exceptionally advantageous in environments where outdoor daytime viewing for large crowds is necessary. This makes them a go-to choice for essentially any outdoor event with 50 or more attendees.

Given their price point, they are typically sold and rented to other businesses that have the budget for them. Examples of the types of businesses that purchase or rent these mobile LED screens include event planners, production or AV companies, city parks and rec divisions, corporations, and advertising agencies.

Here are some examples of popular event applications and the display content that can go with it:


At concerts, video walls are commonly used to zoom in on the performance, a technique known as image magnification or IMAG, and to showcase signage and sponsor advertising.

In outdoor settings, mobile LED screens work great for this, offering numerous advantages and cost savings compared to their stationary modular video wall counterparts.

Fairs & Festivals

At fairs and festivals, it’s common to see mobile LED screens being used to showcase messages, advertisements, video clips, and live performances.

Golf Events

Mobile LED screens and golf go hand in hand. Use them at your tournament to display real-time scoring and sponsorship signage.

At your country club, these screens can also be used to create fun experiences during movie nights, tailgates, and more.


Set up mobile LED screens along your marathon route to showcase a live video feed, provide directional signage, convey safety alerts, display race results, and acknowledge sponsors.

Trade Shows

In your trade show booth, leverage mobile LED screens to attract foot traffic. While they work best in outdoor settings, there are instances where you can even utilize them for indoor trade shows.


Mobile LED screens are a favorite at large tailgating events and sports gatherings, offering the ultimate tailgate experience by showcasing the big game on a large screen.

Watch Parties

Host movie screenings day or night, organize the grand debut of your favorite TV show, or showcase slideshows and other custom content. This is a popular application for parks and communities!


Gather your congregation outdoors by displaying sermons, song lyrics, and additional signage in church or worship settings.


From graduation ceremonies and collegiate events to live scoring, mobile LED screens can be a great asset to have around on campus.


Use a mobile LED screen at marches, rallies, and political events to effectively convey your message to the masses.

Business-Front Signage

Pop a mobile LED screen out in front of your store to display signage, announcements, and advertising. They’re a great way to create buzz with an added element of flexibility!

Monetizing Your Mobile LED Screen

Aside from the opportunity to communicate your message to the masses, mobile LED screens offer the potential to generate direct revenue streams. There are two primary avenues for monetization—advertising and rental.


Investing in an LED display truck or trailer turns it into a powerful mobile marketing tool.

One effective way to leverage this opportunity is advertising at events through selling sponsorship packages. Sponsors are eager to invest generously in promoting their products and services at events boasting a large audience.

Beyond event settings, you can explore displaying ads on your mobile LED screen in other locations, such as your business front or other properties. However, Be sure to obtain the proper licensing and permissions if you plan on monetizing your mobile LED screen this way.


Another popular method to generate income from your mobile LED screen is through rentals. Typically, these screens can be leased for a single day at rates ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 or even higher.

With that kind of revenue, you would be able to recoup your purchase investment pretty quickly. We ran some estimated numbers for how many times you’d have to rent out our MAX Mobile LED products to break even:

As the image demonstrates, you would achieve a return on investment after renting out our MAX 127: 17 times, our MAX 169: 16 times, MAX 1710: 20 times, and our MAX 2313: 26 times. Even with just a few rentals per month, you could start seeing a profit in a relatively short period of time.

How to Get a Mobile LED Screen

Only a handful of providers offer these comprehensive high-end mobile LED screens. 

To kick off your search, we recommend asking around the industry for recommendations. If you have contacts in production or event design, odds are they will be likely to help you out. Online searches can also help identify reputable providers.

Once you find some companies that you’re interested in, the next step is reaching out to them. They can provide detailed pricing information and tailor package options to suit your specific display needs. 

If you decide on a purchase, the lead time from order to delivery typically falls within the 30-90 day range, as these screens are often made to order. Therefore, it’s crucial to start your research well in advance to ensure timely delivery.

You can also consider first renting a mobile LED screen or see if a manufacturer will give you a product demo. This allows you to better understand the product before making a purchase decision.

Mobile LED Screen Price

The price to purchase a mobile LED screen can vary significantly based on specifications, availability, and features, making it challenging to provide a specific price range.

What we can tell you is the price to rent a mobile LED screen is typically between $2,000 and $12,000 for one day. And a general rule of thumb in the AV industry is that rental rates should be about 5% of the product’s purchase price.

This rule of thumb can serve as a rough estimate for determining the potential cost of buying a mobile LED screen. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to us directly and we’ll get you the pricing details of our mobile LED screens right away.

Why You Should Partner with Insane Impact For Your Mobile Display Needs

We’ve gone this entire article without talking about ourselves, but we’d be remiss to leave without telling you why we are the United States’ leading provider of mobile LED screens for sale and rent.

First, we truly are based in the United States, unlike our competitors. Located right here in the heart of the midwest in Clive, Iowa, we service the whole contiguous United States. When you order from us, the same person that built and designed your trailer is driving it across the country to deliver it to you personally, shake your hand, and train you on how to use it.

Second, we invest heavily in our products and our people to guarantee our customers receive only top-notch quality. This means employing state-of-the-art display technology and offering fully customizable features. We prioritize a hassle-free setup and operation, supported by comprehensive training, assistance, and warranties. Even the smallest details, such as the powder coat paint finish, are meticulously attended to, ensuring a sleek and polished aesthetic.

Lastly, we’ve been doing this since 2015 and have over 300 satisfied MAX owners across the country. Our commitment is to work with you to get you the perfect product and to maximize its full potential. Whether it involves setting up a personalized Blu-ray player for outdoor movie nights, enhancing specifications for advanced production needs, or granting you access to our extensive industry network to kickstart your rental business – we’re here to assist you in making an impactful statement with the finest mobile LED screens the industry has to offer.

The Bottom Line

A mobile LED screen is an LED video wall mounted on a truck or trailer, distinguishing it from stationary video walls due to its mobility. This mobility brings about operational efficiencies for businesses by reducing time, training, staff, and labor costs.

Additionally, these mobile LED screens offer the advantage of being fully self-contained. This means that everything needed for plug-and-play operation, including hardware, software, power, and sometimes even audio, WIFI, and additional features, is onboard. The process is simple: position the unit, upload the content, and press play.

Various businesses, such as AV and production companies, event planners, corporate entities, cities and parks & recreation organizations, construction, education, and government organizations, commonly utilize mobile LED screens. Common display applications include fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and watch parties, offering limitless display capabilities for playing movies, video clips, live streaming, and more.

Mobile LED screens offer a fantastic way to create enjoyable experiences, reach a wide audience, and generate revenue.

If you want the best mobile LED screens that the country has to offer, partner with Insane Impact!