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Mobile LED Video Walls

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Mobile video walls can be a great way to display engaging and informative video content to large groups of people, indoor or outdoor, day or night, and in multiple locations in one day. But what exactly is a mobile LED screen, and is it worth the investment to rent or buy one? Learn everything you need to know about the technology and whether you should consider renting or buying a mobile led screen.

What is a mobile video wall?

A mobile video wall is simply a video wall constructed onto a mobile apparatus. A video wall is an array of many display panels linked together to form 1 seamless display. In addition to mobile video walls, video walls can also be constructed as an installation or using modular hardware.


Installation LED video walls are simply LED video walls that are installed permanently onto different structures. The applications include an array of indoor and outdoor applications, such as electronic signs, LED billboards, airport signage, museums displays, monument signs, large HDTV’s, and more.


Modular LED walls are video walls that are constructed temporarily using trussing equipment. Due to their temporary nature they are typically used for event rental.


As mentioned earlier, a mobile video wall, (also referred to as mobile led screen, led display, or jumbotron) is a permanent video wall installation on wheels – typically on a trailer or a truck. Depending on your needs, it is generally the most cost-effective, versatile, and turnkey option for your video wall display needs. Learn more about mobile vs modular LED video screen rental.

What Are Mobile LED Screens Used For?

Mobile LED display systems are used at a wide array of events and venues for indoor and outdoor applications alike. Any application that requires long-distance viewing to a large crowd under direct sunlight can benefit from one. Examples include concerts, trade shows, festivals, political rallies, tailgates, watch parties, and parades. They can display any source of video content you wish – including videos, movies, web streaming, slideshows, camera feeds (IMAG), real-time messaging, advertisements, and presentations. They are available both for rental and purchase.

Mobile LED Screen Rental

Mobile LED screens are popular for rental because they are typically only needed for infrequent occasions, and it is cheaper to rent one than buy one. In addition to being more cost-effective than buying a screen, renting one typically comes with all-in service. Meaning you rent the LED trailer and your rental provider will handle setup, operation, tear-down, power, and even graphic design. Typical clients that rent mobile LED screens are event planners, production companies, cities/municipalities, public venues, experiential marketing companies, and even Joe Schmoe looking to throw an unforgettable private party.

Mobile LED Screen Trailers For Sale

If you need to use a mobile LED display multiple times a year, than you may want to consider buying one. LED screen rental is not cheap, and can range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+ a day. Whereas you can buy a mobile LED screen for as low as $40,000. LED equipment is built to last a very long time, so if you do the math, the investment in purchasing your own mobile LED display unit may make sense.

Where to Get a Mobile LED Video Display

Now that you are an expert on mobile LED displays, do you think you are ready to rent or purchase one? There are a handful of great mobile LED providers out there, so it is a good idea to check out several options before signing a deal. Be sure to start by checking out our mobile fleet, the MAX Mobile LED – the best value mobile LED screen trailer product suite – available for rent, sale, and lease!