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Graduation Ceremony Drive-In Displays

graduation ceremony displays

Are you looking for graduation ceremony ideas that allow you to still practice social distancing in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? Your students worked hard all year, and so did you – rather than canceling, we have an LED display solution that will allow you to still gather while celebrating their big day.

Graduation Ceremony Idea for 2021 – Drive-In Displays

A drive-in movie styled ceremony with an LED screen rental (jumbotron) by Insane Impact allows you to gather your class while socially distancing. This style of celebration offers a creative alternative to virtual Zoom meetings. You can still gather your students and teachers while quarantined in your car. Mobile LED video walls shine bright enough to be visible under direct sunlight for mass viewing.


  • Virtual yearbooks – Play photos, videos and events from the year in a highlight reel.
  • Student slides – Create a “student bio” slide displaying every graduating student as if they are being called to the stage in a traditional graduation ceremony
  • Simulcasting – Display a live video feed from a remote location and broadcast it onto the LED screen over the internet.


Gather your teachers and students into a parking lot and simply have them tune in to the radio station. We will provide the FM transmitter. We also provide an onsite LED technician to run the display. They will communicate with you remotely so you can practice social distancing yourself. Simulcasting and video production will be sourced separately, but we would be happy to link you up with a provider of these services if you have no one in-house.


We have offer 3 screen sizes and build-to-suit products. They are weatherproof, fully visible under direct sunlight, and can be viewed from up to 200 feet away. Our rate starts at $4,500 for a 1 day rental. This includes an LED technician to run the display and set up your FM transmitter.


Here is how we suggest you position the vehicles for our 15×8 screen:


*The above diagram represents non socially distanced car spacing, as the spacing between two standard lot sizes is less than 6 feet. It’s purpose is to illustrate the maximum viewing area for our 15’x8′ product. For a socially distanced setup, consider staggering the car spaces to every other spot.*

The Bottom Line

A graduation ceremony in quarantine from your car is a creative way to celebrate your students’ big day in the midst of the pandemic. High school and college graduations alike, LED displays are versatile enough to be seen under any weather conditions and from very far away.