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Rental Steps for a Music Festival

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Live music season is ramping up. As you finalize your calendar and begin pulling together everything you need to create an unforgettable experience, we’ve got what you need to know about renting an LED screen for your music festivals and concerts.


The first step in the process is determining whether or not an LED screen will actually work for your event. Before we even start working through size and availability, we need to determine placement. That means the venue has to be set (which also means your date needs to be firm) and we’ll also need an idea of stage location. From there, we can make sure that the footprint of the trailer can be accommodated.

As you can imagine, the area available for the trailer could impact the size of the screen. The bigger the screen, the bigger the trailer. Often multiple sizes can meet the needs of the event and it comes down to budget, but the range is impacted by the surroundings. Included in this category, we encourage you to think about the distance of your audience from the screen. If the distance is greater than 500 ft you won’t want to go any smaller than 17 ft (MAX 1710).

The last factor of feasibility is availability. Here at Insane Impact, we have the largest fleet of screens across the United States. Unfortunately, with lead times sitting at 60- to 90-days our screens book out several months in advance. The bright side is that we have a very large selection of screens. If your first choice is not available, there’s a good chance we will be able to supply you with a close second.


At this point, you have an idea of what sizes will work and be available for your event. The decision is entirely yours, but here’s what to consider:

  • What is your budget?
  • How many people will be viewing the screen?
  • Will the people viewing the screen be in vehicles, standing around, or sitting in chairs?


When it comes to music festivals and concerts, the most common uses of LED screens are pre-recorded content, sponsorship information, and live stage feed. Having an idea of what you Intend to put on the screen can help us make the rental process a little bit easier. Our MAX Mobile displays come equipped with a power source, audio, and a content management system. It’s important to note that while we will communicate what is needed, ensuring the proper format and licensure will be something your team will handle.

Most events with live music will need a live feed. It helps increase how many people you can have attend your event and improves their experience. The thing about live feed is that it has to come from somewhere. A camera crew and proper cabling will all need to be worked through prior to the event.


Once you’ve chosen a screen, our team will walk you through a contract. A signed contract equals a secured date. Then, it’s on to planning. The planning process is so much better when with questions. Don’t be afraid to ask! Our screens are versatile and our team is knowledgeable. We also like a good challenge.

We’re here to help make your music event the most unforgettable experience possible. That starts with making sure we understand what you need and what you hope to gain for your audience. No matter where you are in the process our representatives can help. Give us a call today.