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Mobile led screen trailer rental next to a stage in a grass field at the indianapolis out of the darkness walk. The location is White River State Park Celebration Plaza in Indianapolis, Indiana and the screen is displaying the text “champion sponsors”.

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Insane impact services Indianapolis, Indiana with world class mobile and modular LED display screen rentals for events of all scopes and sizes.

Our industry leading products coupled with top LED technicians are sure to elevate the attendee experience at your next event or gathering.

Our competitive pricing comes complete with everything you need, including delivery and operation of the display by a dedicated technician, onboard power, and audio.

Whether you are a first time renter with a few questions or very familiar with led display rental and looking for the best value, Insane Impact is your first choice for your based event. 

MAX Mobile LED

17 feet wide by 10 feet high mobile led screen trailer for sale named MAX 1710Our MAX mobile LED rental fleet includes 4 different screen sizes, from 12’x7’ (MAX 127) up to the massive MAX 2313 standing at a display size of 23’x13’. Our mobile video walls feature crisp image clarity, onboard power, audio, speedy setup and adjustable screen height. They are a budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for most outdoor event applications.

Modular Video Walls

Our modular screens are built-to-suit and range in pitch from 2mm to 10mm. Modular screens are a good solution for indoor applications or those requiring a custom look or size. Our rental rates start at $6,000 for the first day.

LED Screen Rental 101

What is LED screen rental?

LED screen rental refers to renting large outdoor and indoor video walls for events. It can also be called LED display rental, video wall rental, and jumbotron rental.

What is an LED video wall?

An LED video wall is a large display that is formed by linking multiple LED panels together. Video walls allow for larger display sizes than traditional screens such as TV’s.

What is the pricing?

Video wall rental typically starts at around $3,000 for a 1 day rental. This usually includes all elements of running the display for one flat rate, such as delivery, power, audio, and production.

What events are they used for?

Types of events that rent LED screens include fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, trade shows, ceremonies, rallies, tailgates, watch parties, and parades.

What content can I display?

The display capabilities span far and wide, including movies, TV, video clips, advertising loops, slide shows, camera feeds, visuals, messaging, digital signage, and more.

What product is right for me?

When selecting the right product, your 2 main considerations are mobile vs. modular and screen size. Mobile screens are less expensive and great for outdoor applications. Modular screens are more popular for indoor events and those requiring custom sizes and shapes. For screen size, the more people attending your event the larger the screen that you want.

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The Insane Impact Difference

When you rent an LED video wall from Insane Impact, you receive a world class display experience at a competitive price. What separates us from other providers Is our client-centric focus. It is our mission to enhance experiences, create memories, and gather community with world class Products and services.

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