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Insane Impact is New York’s first choice in LED screen rental. We offer the Big Apple both mobile and modular solutions for a large variety of indoor and outdoor events alike. From backyard barbecues to some of the largest festivals in the world, Insane Impact has the right product at the right price.

When you rent an LED screen for your next NYC event, you receive more than an industry leading display – you receive unparalleled service. Rental includes a dedicated service tech to run the screen. Let us handle the audio/video side while you focus on the rest of your event! Simply fill out the form to receive a hassle-free quote.

Video Wall Products

Insane Impact offers 7 video wall products for rent in the New York City market, as follows:

MAX Mobile LED: MAX Mobile LED is our LED screen trailer product suite, offered in 5 sizes – The MAX 127, MAX 158, MAX 1710, MAX 2012, and MAX 2313. Depending on the size of your event, viewing requirements, and budget – we will help you pick the perfect product.

SuperMAX: The SuperMAX contains the same screen size as the MAX 158 (15 ft. wide by 8 ft. high) fabricated onto a truck instead of a trailer.

Modular: Modular screens are built-to-suit at the location of your event. Modular video wall solutions are great for indoor events or outdoor events requiring a custom size or shape.

Tech Terms

By contacting Insane Impact, we will ensure that we will match you with the perfect product to accommodate your event requirements – but if you want to know some of the product basics, here is some industry lingo to consider.


LED is today’s display standard that utilizes light emitting diodes as its display source. LED display is the brightest, most energy efficient technology, making it the clear choice for video walls.

Video Wall

A video wall is a display utilizing multiple display panels that are linked together. They are linked together to allow sizes larger than your standard single-panel displays, such as the LED TV in your home.

Mobile Vs. Modular

A video wall can be mobile or modular in nature. A modular wall is transported as individual panels and constructed onsite, whereas a mobile display is already built onto a truck or trailer.

IP Rating

An IP rating measures a display panel’s resistance to nature’s elements. For an all-weather rating, you want IP65 or higher.


Nits measure brightness. Indoor displays are generally around 1,500 nits, whereas outdoor displays require a minimum of 4,500 – 5,000 nits

Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch measures the density of the pixels on a display panel. The lower the number, the higher the density and level of image detail.

Aspect Ratio

An aspect ratio is a video wall’s proportion of width to height, written as W:H. 16:9 is the most common aspect ratio, but you can also accomplish custom aspect ratios with modular video walls for a unique look.

LED Display Applications

collage of led display rental in new york cityLED display rental is a great solution for any event that is looking to create community and gather their audience. Some popular event applications are:

  • Festivals & fairs
  • Tailgates
  • Drive-Ins
  • Concerts
  • Watch parties
  • Movie nights
  • Fundraisers
  • Marathons/5k’s
  • Trade shows
  • Ribbon cuttings
  • Country club outings
  • Golf tournaments
  • Track & field
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Church and worship events
  • Parades
  • Marches/rallies/activism
  • Community events
  • And more!

Apply a mobile or modular display to any and all events with content including live tv streaming, movies, scoreboards, multimedia, digital signage, advertising, and social walls.

Have another idea? Let us help you pick the perfect product – start by filling out our form.

Jumbotron Pricing and Services

Jumbotron rental is priced at a daily rate, starting at $3,000 for our MAX 127. Pricing is one flat fee, and includes:

  • A dedicated LED technician
  • Setup/teardown
  • Operation
  • Power (outdoor mobile units only)
  • Audio (upon request)

Our all-encompassing services allow you to breathe easy knowing that we’ve got you covered on the A/V side! With almost a decade of experience in enhancing NYC events with head-turning LED, it is our mission to enhance your event. Ready to learn what Insane Impact can do for you? Click below!