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Rent MAX 2313 Mobile LED Trailer

MAX 2313 is a 23’ wide by 13’ tall Mobile LED Trailer. The trailer LED screen can be comfortably viewed from up to 500 feet away and from a 160° angle.



Size: 23’x13′
Trim Height: 13′
IP Rating: IP67
Components: NationStar LED SMD 1921



Weight: 13,000 lbs.
Dimensions: 30’x8’x10′ (LxWxH)
Axle: Tandem 7k
Wind Rating: 45 mph



Shore Requirement: Single phase, 240 volt standard Cam Twist locks

MAX 2313 in Detail







The MAX 2313 Platform Experience

The MAX 2313 Platform Trailer LED Screen can be used for a wide variety of events and applications including:

MAX 2313 Platform Mobile LED Trailer features easy setup/operation, sharp image detail, and adjustable screen height with 360° rotation to captivate your audience from any angle.