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Mobile LED Screen Trailers

Industry-Leading Mobile Displays, For Sale Nationwide

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The nation’s leading supplier with the widest coverage

Manufactured in the USA with 90 day lead times

State of the art display technology for vibrant picture day or night

All products are backed by an industry-leading 11 year warranty

Fully contained, turnkey operation with intuitive design

Extensive selection of displays, fully customizable to meet any need

MAX Mobile LED

Introducing MAX Mobile LED, the industry’s leading lineup of mobile LED screen trailers for sale nationwide. 

MAX 2313 Gooseneck

Screen Size: 23’x13’

MAX 2313 Enclosed Gooseneck

Screen Size: 23’x13’

MAX 2313

Screen Size: 23’x13’

MAX 2313 Enclosed

Screen Size: 23’x13’

Mobile LED Trailer - Max 1710

MAX 1710

Screen Size: 17’x10’


MAX 1710 Enclosed

Screen Size: 17’x10’

Mobile LED Trailer - Max 169

MAX 169

Screen Size: 16’x9’

MAX 127

Screen Size: 12’x7’

Manufactured in the USA

We provide the nation’s leading custom mobile LED display solutions, manufactured right here in the USA. 

It is our top priority to provide memorable experiences while creating a positive impact on your business or organization.

Our extensive selection of LED screen trailer products are available for all kinds of applications. Whether you want to advertise your business, communicate to your employees, or generate rental revenue; our team is here to help develop the perfect solution for you. When you work with our team, you know you are getting the utmost service and attention to detail.

Our screens feature weatherproof design, the latest technology, and most importantly, backed with an extensive warranty and leading support. 

insane impact led screen team

The Insane Impact Experience

World-Class Support

Receive in-person training, 24/7 phone support, and remote desktop troubleshooting from our expert LED Technicians.

Outstanding Quality

Industry leading pixel technology plus a weatherproof design equals a product that lasts.

11 Year Warranty

Invest with confidence that your screen will deliver unforgettable experiences.

Financing Partnerships

Low payments that make your screen work for you from day one.

Are You Looking to Finance Your MAX Mobile Trailer?

Insane Impact partners with a trusted financing partner to offer flexible leasing and financing solutions for your organization. Through this partnership, you can choose from various payment plans, including monthly, quarterly, annual, and deferred options, instead of facing a single large upfront cost.

Mobile LED screen trailers for a wide array of applications and use cases. Use MAX for your business to display branding, digital signage, and advertising. Use it to create exciting experiences for your community with movie nights and special events, or use it for your own rental business to generate revenue. Use it as your own mobile LED sign, digital scoreboard, or portable jumbotron.The sky is the limit with MAX mobile LED video walls.

Here are some popular types of customers who benefit from our mobile display systems:

events icon

Event Planning

Give every member of the crowd a front row view by displaying IMAG, advertising, & captivating visuals

government icon


LED displays for USA Government organizations to display signage, safety, & messaging

parks and rec icon

Parks & Recreation

Elevate your parks & recreation program by creating exciting, family-friendly viewing experiences

construction icon


Keep your construction team safe and informed with digital roadside signage

graduation icon

Higher Education

Display live scoring, messaging, and more for your school or university

corporate icon


Communicate to your organization efficiently and effectively

300+ Happy Owners

“We have been very fortunate to make some great contacts and have had a tremendous amount of success in a short period. Our MAX Mobile Trailer has definitely been the fastest ROI I have ever experienced in multiple business ventures.”

team member

Greg Ross

Owner, GJR Screens

“Like many parks systems around the country, we had to pretty much shut down for most of the spring. When things started to slowly reopen, one of the first things we did was to organize drive-in movie nights. The Insane Impact MAX system has made that possible. We were able to easily transport the unit to our parking lots in all parts of the county, and invite folks to set up and enjoy an evening in reserved, socially distanced parking spaces. These free events have been extremely popular, with reservations filling up quickly. Most importantly, we were able to welcome families back into our parks, with something that is both safe and fun to do.”

team member

Tom Bills

Sr. Project Manager, Cobb County PARKS

“We all feel like we had such a great experience going through this process with you from the research stage and purchase stage with BJ and then the in-person instruction with Keegan. Everything went super smoothly and people were so impressed with the new setup. It elevated the event so much and also, as the event planner, eliminated my anxiety I used to have about the wind flapping the blow up screen or the projector being broken or overheating mid-movie… Such a relief.”

Francesca Vignola

Director of Marketing & Events, Town Green Special Services District

“We use our MAX Trailer all of the time. The versatility is limitless. We can take it up in the mountains, to a parking lot, or our facility. Rain, snow, wind – it doesn’t matter. I love it, my staff loves it, our community loves it, the bosses love it. If you can dream it we can do it, and our MAX Trailer helps us. There’s just nothing we can’t do.”

kevin hawley headshot

Kevin Hawley

Executive Director, Downtown Development Authority – Casper, WY

“We came to Insane Impact with a dream to start a company and have an immediate impact in bringing high end video LED screens to many different venues. Our relationship with Insane has allowed us to fulfill that dream. We look forward to working with Insane impact in the future to grow and have a larger impact in how video is shown across the USA, indoors and outdoors.”

team member

Kevin Hurley

Owner, Hurley Enterprises

“The beautiful MAX 1710 fits so perfectly with what we are doing at Outlaw Square – the clarity and brightness during the middle of the day in the bright sunlight is remarkable and at night, wow, it just pops! Along with that, the ease of set up and use makes it the best. If you are looking to make an investment into a large trailer mounted LED screen you cannot go wrong with Insane Impact. Their attention to detail, customer service and patience is the best plus the personal delivery service makes it all the better. I highly recommend Insane Impact without a doubt.”

team member

Bobby Rock

Director, Outlaw Square

MAX Mobile LED in Action

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does pixel pitch mean?


Pixel pitch is a measurement of pixel density. The lower the number (i.e. p6 or p10), the higher the relative resolution. So a lower pixel pitch is better than a higher one. See our resource on pixel pitch here!


Are your mobile screens in HD?


The following screens are considered HD, surpassing 720p HD:

  • MAX 2313 3.91mm (1792 x 1024p)
  • MAX 2313 4.81mm (1456 x 832p)

The rest of our mobile screens are high resolution, but not HD. Does my screen need to be HD? In short, no.

The term “HD” (high definition) is a term developed as a measurement for monitors and TV’s, which have much higher pixel densities and closer viewing distances than large LED screens.

Since LED screens are for far away viewing distances, they will appear clearer at lower resolutions than if you were looking at the same resolution on your computer monitor.

All of our products contain some of the highest video wall resolutions that you will find on the market. For those looking for an HD viewing experience, we suggest our MAX 1710 4.81mm (1040 x 624p) or larger at a viewing distance of 50 ft or greater.


Are the LED products weatherproof?


All of our outdoor products are 100% rainproof. They have maximum wind loads ranging from 35 all the way up to 65 mph. They are 100% visible under the brightest direct sunlight. Check out our resource on how weather affects the LED Display Experience!


Will sound be provided?


All of our mobile units contain on-board speakers. We can also provide sound with our modular video walls, just let us know in advance.