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Guide to First Time Jumbotron Rental

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Choosing a jumbotron or LED screen rental for the first time can seem overwhelming. While the good LED providers will do their best to make sure you are getting the most effective LED screen for your unique need, it helps to know the basics. There are three major components to consider to get the most out of your LED screen rental: screen size, pixel pitch, and screen structure. These factors will also affect the jumbotron rental cost.


Simply put, the farther away you want your screen to be visible from, the bigger the screen you need. LED screens typically start at about 6 feet wide to 50+ feet wide. There is no magic formula to determine what size you need in relation to event size, but if you have 500 viewers or more you will likely want at least a 17’ wide screen.


Pixel pitch is the distance in millimeters between 2 pixels on an LED video board. The lower the pitch, the higher the image quality. Pitches range from 1mm all the way up to 20mm. Pixel pitch is important in determining minimum required viewing distance for a clear image. The higher the pitch, the farther the required viewing distance.


Just as important as the screen is the structure supporting it. Screen structures can be broken down into 2 major categories: Mobile and Modular. Mobile screens are pre-built and on a vehicle of some sort. Modular panels come in small LED tiles that are built out using aluminum trussing. Mobile units are more cost effective and quicker to activate but may be limited by space constraints. When renting mobile, make sure your venue has adequate space to navigate and place the screen. Modular walls are popular with custom shapes and indoor events since they are built out on-site. Learn more about mobile vs. modular here.


Below are some tips you can employ when picking out the ideal LED display for your event. Still not sure which choice is right for you? Read our LED FAQ and find out more about display technology.


Most LED companies will be more than happy to demo a product for you prior to rental. It is a great way to put your options into perspective and experience first-hand what you are getting.


If you are renting an LED screen, you are likely booking many other things. If you book your LED screen ASAP, it is 1 less thing to worry about during crunch time.


Clearly communicate your needs and ask questions whenever possible. Since LED screens are a high-ticket item, LED display providers will be more than happy to answer all your questions to acquire and retain your business.


Now that you are an expert in LED, click below to chat with an Insane Impact representative about enhancing your event with a jumbotron.

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