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How LED Screens Can Up Your Football Watch Party Game


There are two times of year, football season and waiting for football season.

It may seem early to start thinking about tailgates and watch parties, but if you’re planning to go big this season with the best viewing options available for your football-fanatic events, the truth is you might be behind.

The good news is that our team at Insane Impact is pretty good at preparing for tailgates, games, and watch parties, no matter the size.

Here are a few things to consider so you can up your football watch party game with an LED screen.

How big of a screen do I need?

Isn’t bigger always better?

When it comes to football, of course it is. They wouldn’t have so many of the best cameras available on the field, if football wasn’t supposed to be a larger-than-life experience.

The size of screen you need really depends on the purpose of the party. We ask our clients questions like these in order to understand their exact needs:

  • Is the onscreen content the main purpose of the event?
  • How large of a viewing area are you trying to cover?
  • Are there any size constraints imposed by physical barriers at the event site?
  • Will you want supplemental messaging and branding on portions of the screen during the party?
  • Who is your ideal audience?

What challenges come with an LED screen?

 We hear you. What’s the good of a big screen if it’s just going to create more challenges?

There are several factors to consider when utilizing a large LED display. One of the biggest is determined by how you plan to access content. If you are planning on streaming the game or pre-game content, your internet connection is a top priority.

We recommend either a hard line ethernet connection or a dedicated mobile hotspot. Hard wiring your internet feed will minimize the chance of an interrupted signal. It will also help ensure the speed and security of the signal. But, hard lining isn’t always a feasible option for internet connection.

Enter mobile hotspots. These handy devices make it easy to get the internet anywhere you need it for your event. Our advice is to make sure you have a hot spot dedicated to your streamed content. Throughout the game people are going to be on social, video calling, and potentially entertaining children with YouTube and Netflix. You don’t want that added traffic competing for bandwidth with the main event. Buffering… Buffering… 99%…99%…

What about the weather?

It never fails, when you want good weather, it doesn’t cooperate. Whenever an event can be impacted by the weather, consider making alternate accommodations, such as tents or an indoor venue. Keep in mind, this places additional considerations on an LED screen.

Most LED screens have a certain amount of weather resistance, especially with rain and wind. So, if you’re planning to weather the storm, chances are your screen can too. But, if your alternate venue arrangements include moving indoors, make sure the size screen you select can be brought inside.

No matter what your plans are this football season, we have the best solutions to enhance the fan experience.

Our MAX mobile LED screen units are just what you need to make the game larger-than-life at your next event!

So, if you’re ready to up your football watch party game, be sure to reach out to one of our associates as soon as possible to get your screen in place before football season kicks off.