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Take Your Space to the Next Level with an LED Screen

led screen at bar

Indoor to outdoor. Small to massive. Museums to stadiums. LED screens are changing the way we experience everything.

Integrating an LED screen in your space empowers you to offer your audience, attendees, and patrons a next level encounter with your brand.

Superior flexibility

The real reason LED screen installation is on the rise is content flexibility. No more swapping plugs and laptops. Permanent LED screens are connected to content management programs that access new graphics easily and quickly. If you have a client visiting your office, you can simply swap out the regular roll of content to include a graphic welcoming them to your space.

The flexibility of LED screens makes them particularly useful for large spaces. Changing the flow of traffic from event to event, completely shifting program graphics, and even switching the functionality of the screen is easily done.

That’s exactly what made a 13′ x 21′ LED screen the perfect solution for Windmill Manor Senior Living. The display is used for a variety of different functions including a combination of multimedia, and full-screen content layouts including TV, signage, time/weather data, and movies.

Endless opportunities

There are so many uses for these screens, it can be overwhelming. When talking about adding a fixed screen to your space, consider your operation and your patron’s engagement. An LED screen can extend the viewing ability of your space, immerse the audience in an experience, or be a source of communication.

Working with our friends at The Foundry, we installed multiple screens to help this cutting-edge, tech-based bar achieve their vision. They give customers a unique experience with app-based food ordering and real-time updates of their food orders on the LED display. Two additional TVs are used for sports and other entertaining content.

The opportunities are truly endless. Any venue, event, or business can install an LED screen to connect their people with their brand, sponsors, and content. When we installed a 17′ x 10′ outdoor digital scoreboard for Daphne High School, we purposefully incorporated a split screen. Throughout games, they showcase the team’s sponsors and have a complete scoreboard. It can be done.

Unforgettable experience

These days, getting people out of their homes and into a space is difficult. Almost everything can be delivered, ordered online, or streamed – so why should they get out and come to your space? A LED screen offers an immersive experience that is unlike anything else on the market.

If you’re hosting a sports function or even selling sports merchandise, your people want to see the sweat, the facial expressions, and the score that goes down in history. If your patrons are discovering the wonders of the jungles of Africa, the plains and the wind should come to life on a screen that wraps them in a different world.

Our friends at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Houston, Texas commissioned us to install a 40′ x 10′ curved 4K LED screen. Paired with the equipment in the space, the museum’s patrons have an unforgettable experience in a lifelike oil rig simulation.

That’s the value of a LED screen. It connects people to an experience. It’s has the flexibility to do any job. It captivates. Whether you’re adding a jumbotron to your stadium or a video wall to your corporate office, LED screens come in a wide variety of solutions.

Here at Insane Impact, we operate a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that allows us to customize solutions for our clients. When it comes to bringing your vision to life, you need a partner you can trust to get It. Connect with us today to learn more.