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The Designer’s Guide to Developing Digital Assets for LED Video Boards

LED video screen displaying sponsor content at event

When it comes to video wall content creation, there are some things to keep in mind that will differ from other media outlets such as print or TV. Check out these 5 best practices for making sure your design for your next video wall or mobile LED screen is aesthetically optimized.

1. Get the aspect ratio right

When making content for LED walls, the most important part of the resolution is the aspect ratio. If your video wall is 960×540 16:9, for example, then you can display files at 960x540p, 1280×720, 1920×1080, and so-on. Keep in mind that scaling up the file resolution to be higher than the actual LED board will not result in higher image quality, however.

2. Be mindful of resolution, pixel density, and viewing distance

The pixel density of your LED screen (measured as pixel pitch) and viewing distance will determine how big and bold you need to make your graphics. In general, the lower the screen resolution and farther the viewing distance, the bigger you need to make your graphics. With hi-res indoor video walls, you can get away with displaying smaller graphics.

3. Use motion graphics

Motion graphics grab our attention more than static ones, so you should take advantage of this whenever possible.

4. Keep it short and sweet

People don’t like to have to think when it comes to viewing an advertisement. This is especially true with LED screen content. Use minimal, big and bold text with a concise message. Consider an advertisement at an airport that is displayed to thousands of people rushing to hit their connecting flight. What advertisement is more likely to have an impact?

Example artwork: Southwest.com

5. Use contrast

To avoid the images and text getting washed out, you want to utilize contrasting colors and brightness between the foreground and background.

Bottom Line

Keep these 5 factors in mind when designing content for your LED screen rental or purchase – ratio, resolution, motion, simplicity, and contrast – and you are sure to have a maximum impact on your audience with optimized LED display content.

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