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25 Video Wall Content Ideas

Looking for video wall or digital signage content ideas? Look no further. Here are 25 unique examples of LED display designs that are sure to engage and inform event-goers, foot traffic, and customers with your mobile LED screen purchase or rental.

1. In-house videos

download the new sanford international app in-house promotion led display example

*image: Sanford International

Promote your brand or event with in-house videos. Encourage attendees to take action and create awareness.

2. Sponsored videos

led advertisement screenshot of skydivers for advocate healthcare

Recoup some of your LED rental or purchase costs by displaying sponsor advertisements and commercials.

3. Video clips

people are awesome youtube clip screenshot of girl sideways on pole in front of mountains

Display viral videos, extreme sports, sizzle reels and more. We love playing People Are Awesome videos during product demos, they are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!

4. Movies

drive in movie video wall signage example

Gather community and create an entertaining experience day or night with a movie at the park or drive-in movie. Related article: Everything You Need to Know About Movie Licensing for Public Use.

6. The big game

texas longhorns football screenshot from video wall

Stream a live cable feed of the big game on a big screen to match.

6. TV shows

tv show watch party signage displaying text relax the next episode starts in 4 minutes

Host a TV show watch party. Binge watching events and season premieres are a couple examples.

7. Camera feeds

maroon 5 screenshot from imag led feed

Display a camera feed to LED video wall to give everyone a front-row view of the big act (call it IMAG, short for image magnification if you want to sound like a pro).

8. Directional signage

free event parking to the right directional signage stock photo

Direct foot or car traffic to where they need to go with digital signs.

9. Safety alerts

emergency alert digital signage example displaying moderate conditions

Keep the crowd informed and safe with real-time safety alerts.

10. In-house scheduling

show schedule for cbc music festival led wall content example

Display show or event schedules to keep attendees in the loop.

11. Live social media walls

social media to video wall example for hashtag doggo displaying dog images


Display real-time social media walls that populate specific hashtags onto the screen in a dynamic, eye-catching way.

12. Scoring

golf scoring template for led display

Display scoring for sporting events to make sure fans never miss a beat.

13. Visuals

laser light visualization for led video wall

Display stunning visualizations at your concert or venue to immerse the crowd.

14. Static ads

blue bunny static digital signage advertisement

Display logo loops and static sponsor ads to enhance your ROI.

15. Split-screen content

split screen led content for tennessee titans and pinnacle bank

Showcase advertisements and the big act simultaneously by dividing the screen into different sections.

16. Real-time polling

live polling to led board example

*image: Swift by Excitem

Let the audience share their opinion via SMS and have it populate onto the screen in real-time.

17. Real-time donation trackers

donation ticker led screen rental content example

Encourage donations and track progress with donation tickers.

18. Weather updates

weather screenshot kcci 8 news

Promote your local news channel and inform the crowd with weather TV feeds.

19. Song lyrics

karaoke song lyrics for jackson 5 song

Have the crowd sing along. Applications include karaoke or worship lyrics for your congregation.

20. Image slideshows

group photo for fundraiser

Display event-based image slideshows to engage the crowd.

21. Food and drink menus

shish kabobs digital signage menu content example

*image: Enplug

Display food and drink menus on pop-up screens or inside your venue.

22. Photo Booths

simple booth led screen content example screenshot

*image: Simple Booth

Photo booths to LED screen are a fun and interactive way to involve event-goers.

23. Call-to-action

get social pga show media wall

Request a specific action from the audience in a big way.

24. Policies and rules

clear bag policy digital signage content example

Ensure compliance with your policies and rules by displaying them on-screen.

25. Music videos

music videos for led video wall

A fun way to get the crowd moving. Stream right from the internet or upload the video onto the big screen.


Display applications are limitless when it comes to video walls and digital signage. Hopefully we inspired some creative ideas for your next LED rental or installation. Have an idea not listed? Odds are that it can be done. Just send us a note below and we can discuss bringing your vision to life!

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