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6 Ways Digital Displays will Enhance Your College Event

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Digital displays are being seen more and more on college campuses around the country, and for good reason – they can take any boring event and turn it into a spectacular one!

Today’s colleges and universities are hosting more and more events for a wide number of audiences. While the majority are focused on the students, there are also events for prospective students, parents and even the general public.

Normally, most college events have a high turn out rate, and try to create an enjoyable experience that will keep people coming back to recurring or similar events. One way to meet these goals is to rent a digital LED screen for your upcoming event.

Whether you’re trying to improve learning in the classroom or deliver the big football game to a tailgate event, digital displays are quickly becoming an effective way to deliver content to students, alumni, parents and beyond.

Benefits of a Digital Display

Digital displays offer a tech-friendly and easy way to broadcast content with a few simple keystrokes. With their energy efficient operation, an LED screen is much more cost effective than other forms of messaging, such as traditional paper media. Additionally, it’s a fact that animated graphics and videos are better at grabbing people’s attention compared to static images. A digital display will help get your content in front of the right audience.

1) Impress Prospective Students with LED Technology

For an effective recruiting tool, turn to a digital display. Placing high-resolution LED screens in your student center and throughout campus will impress those prospects who value technology. You can also display maps of the campus on your screens throughout campus to help newcomers navigate the grounds.

2) Host Better Events with More Advertising Revenue

College events are great marketing opportunities – brands can get their name in front of a countless number of young consumers. When a college can offer sponsorship advertising on event screens throughout the campus, it gives you more revenue to put towards event enhancements. When you can generate advertising revenue, your college will yield an even greater return on investment, making the screens pay for themselves.

3) LED Screens to Enhance Tailgate Parties

College football, already wildly popular, continues to attract more and more fans. As of 2016, the NCAA football attendance growth rate was at its highest point ever, with more than 49 million fans. That’s a large audience, ready to be served custom content for your college event. And what better way to enjoy the game than with a tailgate party? An LED screen will enhance any tailgate event, giving partygoers a front row view on the big screen so they don’t miss any of the action.

4) Make Parents Proud on Graduation Day

Graduation day is the pinnacle moment in the life of any student (and parent). With the amount of students and size of the gymnasium, it’s tough for parents to see their child walk across the stage and receive their diploma. Ensure the whole audience can see the action by setting up LED screens throughout the venue.

5) Improve Technology in the Classroom, Improve Learning

While a class lecture may not be considered an “event” by most students, it’s certainly important for their academic success. Why not give these young minds the most innovative technology there is to advance their learning? A digital display in the classroom can help the teacher build custom presentations, show videos and even live stream with guest speakers, transforming any boring lecture into an interactive, captivating educational event.

6) Unforgettable Concerts and Live Performances

Many universities around the country host live performances – unfortunately, if there’s a large turnout, half the crowd can’t see the show. This is where a jumbotron can be very useful. With a live video production feed displayed on the stage screens, your audience can enjoy every moment of the show up close.


As they continue to rise in popularity on college campuses across the country, digital displays are taking events to the next level. To create an unforgettable experience at your next event, and ensure students, parents, alumni and everyone else comes back, rent an LED display.

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