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Our Team

It takes a group effort to provide the highest quality LED products and services to our customers.

Tod Puetz, Founder/CEO

Tod Puetz

Founder / CEO

Kyle Ortmann, President/CFO

Kyle Ortmann

President / CFO

Charlie Smith, COO

Charlie Smith


BJ Supple, Director of Sales - Mobile Retail

BJ Supple

Director of Sales - Mobile Retail

Jack Bland III, Project Manager

Jack Bland III

Project Manager

Katie Gunnerson, Director of Sales - Rental

Katie Gunnerson

Account Executive

Jeff Karlix, Director of Mobile Retail Operations

Jeff Karlix

Customer Relations Director

Bronson Volk, Director of Customer Service

Bronson Volk

Director of Customer Service

James Stubblefield, Sr. Director of Operations

James Stubblefield

VP of Operations

Tanner Holmes, Director of Accounting

Tanner Holmes

Business Manager

Brent Williamson, Director of Operations

Brent Williamson

VP of Technology

Jeff Hamor, Project Manager

Jeff Hamor

Project Manager