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Churches Make an “Impact” Celebrating Big Holidays

The goal of most every church is to amplify a message. One of the best ways to do that is through any one of the incredible set ups from Insane Impact. And with some of the biggest religious holidays fast approaching, there is no better time than now to consider the options.

 How Churches Can Utilize LED Screens
By taking advantage of Insane Impact’s dynamic lineup of massive LED screens for rent and for purchase, churches can present an Easter service like never before. Not only does Insane Impact provide permanent installation of LED screens, they also provide mobile rentals.

Insane Impact’s product family includes mobile LED screens , ranging from 12’ x 7’ to 23’ x 13.’  Each LED Screen is mounted on a mobile trailer. We also manufacture gigantic video walls for stadiums, amusement parks and other permanent applications, including houses of worship. Insane Impact’s large displays transform events into a memorable, engaging experiences all across the country.

Take Services Outside with Mobile LED Screen Trailers
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches have been challenged with potential health concerns, motivating attendees to stand farther apart. Thus, farther away from the individuals performing the service. As a result, attendees can lack an excellent view or the ability to hear the service clearly. Insane Impact helps churches overcome these unique challenges.

Outdoor Easter service

One idea is to take the service outside. It’s springtime, and fresh air tends to quell worries of airborne viruses. There are many additional benefits of having an outdoor service, including increased visibility to attract newcomers.

With a mobile LED screen, service can be set up in a large area, such as park. Insane Impact’s industry leading LED screens for rent or purchase are clear for all to see. Even outside, regardless of overcast clouds or bright sunshine, the screens possess extreme adaptability and are weatherproof.

The best part about state-of-the-art mobile LED screens is how technologically advanced they are. However, that does not mean you need a technologically advanced set of employees or volunteers to manage the set up.  Insane Impact makes it easy for anyone renting an LED trailer by having a technician onsite for the duration of the rental setup, operation and tear down.

Setting up a mobile LED Screen Trailer is Easy
With an opportunity to have more attendees for an outdoor service, and with Insane Impact’s capabilities, churches can easily amplify their messages. In fact, there is a growing trend of churches holding outdoor Easter services.

Permanent Indoor LED Screens Enhance Services
Churches also have utilized Insane Impact’s permanent indoor LED screens. With technology evolving every day, a service can be visible to all in attendance with a top-of-the-line and customizable LED screen.

There are many ways churches can take advantage of dynamic LED screens. Not only can a service be broadcast on big screens, but Instant Impact offers the freedom for digital messaging. Messages vary from inspirational verses and song lyrics to ads from sponsors or QR codes for digital donations. The set up also allows for live streaming of church services on the internet.

Top 5 Ways for Churches to Utilize LED Screens

  1. Camera feeds aid in visibility for those seated in the back
  2. Song Lyrics posted on the LED screens make it easy for all to sing along
  3. Schedule messaging for future services, local causes, children’s programs, etc.
  4. Digital collections give the organization a “handsfree” fundraising platform
  5. Special announcements and video features provide flexibility for each service

We chose five of the best ways for churches to take advantage of Insane Impacts offerings, but there are many more to help services be more informative and entertaining, as well as visual. By adding the use of LED screens from Insane Impact, churches give themselves and their patrons a better experience, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, summer or fall, the flexibility and freedom make it easier than ever.