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LED Scoreboards Continue to Amplify Fan Experiences at Sporting Events

Professional game operators will tell you that even if they can’t control wins and losses, they certainly can ensure their patrons have a memorable experience. Among the tactics they are employing these days is use of LED screens for extra-large, memory-inducing displays. Game operators across multiple leagues, from the NFL to the MLB, NBA to the NHL, are deploying the technology to elevate today’s fan experience.=

“Studies show that most fans in attendance may remember which team won, but the majority have already forgotten the score by the next day,” said veteran professional game operations guru Kevin Harp. “Usually a week later, folks have nearly forgotten who won the game, but they always talk about the entertainment aspect. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Kiss Cam or Flex Cam, the content on the massive LED video board is memorable for nearly everyone.”

Massive LED Video Boards Make Lasting Impressions
Harp, who has 23 years of experience working in game operations throughout professional sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC), understands every aspect of game operations from technical to content side. Harp also has coordinated broadcasts with networks such as ESPN, TNT, NBC and Bally Sports. It’s his responsibility to make sure all LED screens are maximized to provide an entertaining atmosphere.

In a nutshell, Harp’s job is to build energy. LED screens are his favorite trick of the trade.

Harp says technology took a major leap in 2009 with the opening of AT&T Stadium in Dallas. There, the installation of a gargantuan video board measuring 160 feet x 72 feet, set off a run of massive LED video scoreboards among arenas and stadiums across the country. First, the professional ranks. College, and even high school, soon followed.

LED Technology Evolving at Fast Pace
“It’s a lot like our phones. Just think of how much they have changed over the last 30 years,” said Harp. “LED screens are experiencing the same rapid evolution. Now we have NFL stadiums like SoFi in L.A. and Mercedes Benz in Atlanta putting in these circular video panels. LEDs are getting lighter, and the fact that you can curve them is awesome.”

LED Resolution Packed with Pixels
When AT&T Stadium opened, the LED video board debuted at 1088 x 2432 pixels with 20 mm pixel pitch. Not only are boards getting bigger, but they have also expanded to nearly every sport there is. Good news is, the pixel pitch continues to decrease. Soon, Insane Impact’s engineers predict, we will see 4 mm pixel pitch. The smaller the pitch, the more pixels can fit inside the display.

“A smaller pixel pitch means it’s just more condensed with tighter definition. With tighter pixels, there are a lot more of them, and they are closer together, which just makes it a higher quality image,” explained Harp.

This technology allows companies like Insane Impact to provide an incredible picture to its clients for all events.

Versatility of LED Luminates A Variety of Sports
Some of the biggest LED boards in the world are centerpieces of entertainment at sporting events. The last three NFL stadiums to open have been equipped with incredible new video board capabilities. (SoFi, Allegiant and Mercedes Benz).

There are plenty of screens outside of the NFL. Two of the biggest belong to the auto racing circuit. Texas Motor Speedway boasts “Big Hoss,” measuring at an incredible 218 feet x 94.6 feet. Charlotte Motor Speedway’s LED board is 200 feet x 80 feet. Additionally, Churchill Downs helps more than 100,000 horse racing enthusiasts stay up to date on the Kentucky Derby with its 170 feet x 90 feet display.

Principal Charity Classic Golf TournamentThere are also LED video displays at major golf events, including Insane Impact’s remote LED video display set up for the PGAs Principal Charity Classic in Des Moines.

Insane Impacts Growth in Sports
Insane Impact is well equipped to handle outdoor sporting events with experience at the NCAA Skiing Championships, College World Series, John Deere Classic and five straight Super Bowls.

In addition, Insane Impact has installed LED video scoreboards for many different colleges and high school athletic programs across the country.