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Drive-In Displays for Social Distancing at Events


The events landscape has changed in the unprecedented times of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Event planners and business administrators across the globe are struggling with the issue of how to adapt their event to a socially distanced world. Two popular options are to simply cancel/postpone, or to switch to video conferencing software. However, some event planners are getting creative and moving their events to the parking lot. Here is what a quarantine from your car looks like.

Drive-In movie styled outdoor displays offer a unique solution for gathering community at events while still social distancing. Event applications include ceremonies, worship services, fundraisers, festivals, concerts, memorials, movie viewings, presentations, social causes and activism, celebrations of life, weddings, work outings, community events, block parties, and more.


Rent an outdoor mobile 15’x8′ LED screen trailer (jumbotron) from Insane Impact and we will handle the rest. A rental includes a technician to operate the display and an FM radio station to transmit the audio.

LED screens are bright enough to be viewable under direct sunlight. Our displays can be seen from up to 250 ft. away and by up to 170 cars at once. If your event is based during night time we can also offer outdoor inflatable projector screens at a lower price point.


We can play video files, image slideshows, Blu-ray, stream the internet, simulcast live camera feeds, and more. If you are looking for additional content ideas you can check out our article 25 Video Wall Content Ideas.


One 15’x8′ mobile jumbotron trailer (MAX XL) can host up to *168 cars, from a maximum viewing angle of 45° and viewing distance of up to 250 ft. We also offer a 12×7 screen that can host around 100 cars with a viewing distance of 200′.


*The above diagram represents non socially distanced car spacing, as the spacing between two standard lot sizes is less than 6 feet. It’s purpose is to illustrate the maximum viewing area for our 15’x8′ product. For a socially distanced setup, consider staggering the car spaces to every other spot. The images are for informational purposes only, it is your responsibility to abide by local restrictions, regulations, and guidelines regarding social distancing at public gatherings*


Our MAX mobile LED unit, pictured above, is a mobile LED screen trailer for rent. It features a bright, high resolution screen with adjustable height and a 360° screen rotation. The production and power are built in, with a 10-20 minute setup time. The outdoor-rated hardware is durable enough to operate under the most inclement weather conditions, so you will not need to cancel due to outdoor conditions.

The Bottom Line

Drive in video screens are becoming increasingly popular in our socially distanced society due to their ability to allow physical gatherings from the comfort and safety of a vehicle. LED displays can be seen under bright sunlight and from far viewing distances, making them a great solution for many event applications.