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Tips & Tricks for Viewing Live Programming on an LED Screen

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Fall is just around the corner. That means football, fairs, and festivals again! It gets busy around here as people kick-off the sports season, host premier watch parties, and get together for back-to-school nights and harvest parties.

MAX LED displays function in parks, parking lots, campuses, and fields across the country to enhance these event experiences. Most of our clients know they want a large LED display, but they aren’t always sure how to make the most of it.

The first hurdle is usually connecting to live content.

Hard line internet feed

Hard wiring internet feed to your MAX LED display has some great benefits, including dedicated bandwidth and being an uninterrupted connection. However, hard line internet can be hard to come by in outdoor spaces. If the screen isn’t located near a building where it can be plugged in, this isn’t a good connection option. Another concern is the cord’s location. Crossing a walkway or leaving the cord hanging are all potential safety hazards as well as opportunities to disrupt the connection throughout the event.

Onboard Dish Network satellite

Using an onboard satellite can also be a good option if a strong connection is established and maintained. We’ve seen Dish Network satellites be particularly useful for watch parties. For most events, screens remain parked. But, in cases when screens are moving, like in a parade, a Dish Network satellite may not be what you’re looking for. Another major consideration for this connection option is whether the entity hosting the event has proper credentials and subscriptions with Dish Network and associated service providers.

Dedicated mobile hotspot

Flexibility is the top advantage to using a dedicated mobile hotspot for your LED display. For events that are outdoors, in parks, parking lots, farms, or fields, places where connections may be difficult to establish, we recommend using a dedicated mobile hotspot. The key to effectively using a mobile hotspot is ‘dedicated.’ This hotspot should not be open to any other function like free wi-fi, ticketing, or payment stalls. One of the biggest disadvantages of a mobile hotspot is its ability to become overloaded by demand. When that happens, the connection to the LED display can be disrupted or disconnected altogether.

A couple other pro-tips for viewing content on an LED screen are maximizing sponsorship content and engaging your audience during commercials.

Sponsorship content is great. We work with several parks departments and educational institutions. Budgets are always a big topic of conversation. Sponsorships help cover the cost of an LED screen and offer investors a chance to advertise. Utilizing their logo or airing their promotional content are ways to maximize your sponsor’s investment. Be sure to check out our article about sponsorships to find the best way to incorporate them into your event.

Commercials are generally where the audience disengages. Potty breaks, food runs, and even conversation about the main feature tend to fill this time, but what if you could keep your audience captivated? LED screens offer multiple opportunities to keep your audience’s attention. Our top recommendations are live polls, images from the event (through photo booths or social feed), and sing-a-longs.

No matter what type of event you are planning this fall, Insane Impact has the LED screen you need to make it a hit.

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