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5 Benefits of Purchasing a MAX Mobile LED Display

max led screen benefits

You know purchasing a MAX Mobile LED display will take your organization to the next level. The hard part is selling it.

Your stakeholders want to know how this investment is going to benefit the organization and achieve business objectives. The team here at Insane Impact has compiled five benefits of purchasing a MAX Mobile LED display to help you convince every decision maker.

1. Save the organization money

Let’s face it, the numbers person at the table is usually the hardest person to convince and the biggest advocate once they’re won over. When you purchase a MAX Mobile LED display, it is easy to get your return within the first year of ownership! So, if you’re considering buying one but are afraid it’s not worth the investment, just think after the first year of renting it out to recoup what you spent, the many years after is pure profit.

Here’s the really compelling part, these displays are perfect for advertising. You can pull it out for any and every event to benefit potential sponsors – which makes every event you use it for even more profitable.

2. Increase event revenue

“How often will we actually use this thing?” It’s a natural question, especially from a group of people trying to ensure due diligence and stewarding finances. MAX Mobile LED displays require minimal set up and tear down and can be used pretty much anywhere. It isn’t a hard sell to incorporate the screen into any event where it may be useful. That means, more potential revenue by having more events and selling sponsorships that were not an option before. Screens create better experiences for your audiences which also helps improves attendance. Are you seeing dollar signs yet?

3. Investment in quality

Boiled down, the bigger question is how long is it going to last? MAX Mobile LED displays are built to IP65 rating standards, which means they can operate in whatever weather your event can. They’re durable and they don’t require much maintenance. When a screen is purchased from us, clients also receive the 24/7 support of our technical team to learn how to operate it and perform regular care. In addition, our screens are covered by a 5-year warranty. Now, that’s peace of mind.

4. Consistent ROI

The more you use the MAX Mobile LED display, the better your return on investment. Most organizations find they use their screens for far more than they originally intended. The low operating cost paired with the simple-to-use content management software make it advertising gold.  Whether they host more events like watch parties and movies in the park because the cost has decreased substantially or they are able to sell better sponsorships for smaller events because it is easier and more desirable, these displays easily create revenue.

5. Impressive results with low maintenance

Our MAX Mobile LED displays are built with some of the highest pixel densities available. You don’t have to worry about this purchase being outdated anytime soon. Every screen has a self-contained power source and content management system. The flexibility of a MAX Mobile LED display means the possibilities are endless. This is a tool you won’t be embarrassed to roll out and the rest of the team will be itching to use.

Once you’ve gotten buy-in from all the stakeholders, we can help you cross the finish line. We’ve partnered with AFG, one of the largest, privately held, direct lenders in the nation, to offer flexible and affordable financing options to our clients.

Investing in a MAX Mobile LED display is something that can pay for itself. Let us work with you and your organization to create a plan and product that helps you achieve your goals today.