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6 Easy Steps to Renting an LED Screen


The people in the stands want to see the moment your team wins the big game or the last rough buck that causes the rider to release his hold, and the families in the back still want to see the movie in the park. Even though they’re in the back trying to keep their kids still.

How do you get the screen from the big plans in your head, to actually sitting in front of your people? Here are six easy steps to renting a screen.

Step 1: Contact

This first one is easy, reach out to LED screen rental providers to get your questions answered and figure who is the best partner for your event. Solid companies will be happy to answer your questions and be looking to meet your needs, not upselling or pushing you to commit.

Step 2: Planning

Once you are ready to ask for a quote, the company will need some basic information to help you choose which product you need. They will ask the size of your event, potential viewing distances, and other logistics to make recommendations. After that, it’s up to you.

Step 3: Contract

When you make the decision to move forward, they will draw up a contract. Most LED companies require a 50-60% down payment. These deposits are largely non-refundable, but can usually be used toward another rental should you need to cancel the event. Certain times of year book faster and fuller than others. A contract is key for you and for the company to make sure everyone’s expectations are met.

Step 4: Preparation

With the rental contract in place, the LED professionals will want to work through your content. There are a number of best practices to ensure your event goes smoothly and your graphics look great. The LED team will want a run-of-show document, which essentially tells them what to play when. This is all done well in advance of the event so that when the day comes you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Step 5: Execution

It’s finally here, the day of your event. The specifics of your event will determine how many techs will be there and how early they will arrive. The best part is, these team members will be onsite throughout the event to run the screens (in accordance with the run of show) and troubleshoot any potential issues. You are not on your own, we’ve got your back.

Step 6: Post-Event

Strike time is what we refer to as the time we power down and begin packing up. At that point, your technician will teardown the equipment and hit the road. Your sales representative that walked you through the quote and contracting process will follow up with you the next business day to review the service and take final payment.

Throughout the course of your event, your LED professional is your partner to make your event a success. If you’re looking for someone you can trust to bring your vision to life and have your back from start to finish, Insane Impact is the team for you.

Take that first step and contact us today.