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10 Ways to Enhance Your Fall Events with LED Screens

max led screen trailer with crowd

No matter if it’s a football watch party or a fall festival you’re organizing, the capabilities of an LED screen are almost endless–advertising and visibility are just the beginning.

Our team has compiled a list of how LED screens can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary and leave your audience impressed.

1. Enhance visuals

Provide your audience with a VIP experience, whether it’s a football game, concert, or fall festival. Don’t just show them the action–bring them into it! With industry-leading pixel densities, they’ll feel like they have a front-row seat.

At the Tree Town Music Festival in Forest City, Iowa, all the concert fans could see their favorite performers with our 1710 SuperMax screens, whether in the front or back row.

2. Visibility

Whether your audience is 10 feet or a hundred feet away, with remote-controlled adjustable screen height and screen rotation, you don’t have to worry about your audience missing ANY of the action!

Our MAX 127 and MAX 158 screens were perfect for the 2020 Chiefs Super Bowl Parade in Kansas City! We placed our LED screens throughout the route so that every single fan could feel like they were a part of the action.

3. Increased content reach

One of our favorite parts of the job is bringing people together. Not everyone can make the stadium for a football game or a big city for a rally, but everyone can gather around a large screen and still feel the event’s energy.

4. Engages event goers

Get creative! LED screens aren’t just for the event–use them before, after, or during breaks to engage your audience. Between playing advertisements, showing social media feeds, and live threads, the entertainment options are endless.

5. Multiple viewing screens

Multiple screens can alleviate worry about fitting content on one screen or distracting the audience from flipping back and forth. They can also make the reach even further, save you time, and add an extra layer of entertainment.

6. Advertising

With an LED screen, you can take ads (and revenue) to the next level with visual effects that’ll keep the audience’s attention. Stay away from those awkward pauses and keep the party going by playing ads during intermission or breaks.

7. Easy usability

Our LED screens take minutes to install, and it’s a straightforward operation. With our Insane Impact team just a call away, you can turn your attention towards the event.

8. Sharing information

Whether your event goers want to know where the bathroom is or what event is next, the information is available with a glance at the bright screen.

9. Customizable

The screens you use should be as unique as your event. With so many size options available, you’ll have the ability to cater and customize your screen to what your audience wants and needs.

10. Pathfinding

One of the most frustrating things is getting lost in a big crowd. With an LED screen, you can display maps and information to help people get to where they want to go.

At Insane Impact, our passionate and committed team love bringing your event to life. Contact us today to learn more.