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12 LED Screen Uses to Make This Year Insane

max led screen at concert

No matter what event you’re planning for 2022, change your audience’s experience with an LED screen. From concerts to marathons and trade shows, an LED screen can turn the event into an unforgettable experience.

1. Tailgates

What’s a tailgate without an incredible viewing experience? The sports fans already have food, beverages, great company, and spirit gear, but they need a giant screen to make the most of it! Turn the pre-game party into a one-of-a-kind experience with industry-leading pixels.

2. Concerts

You can create moving concert experiences for the audience, whether they’re in the front row or the back section, with great equipment! They’ll love being able to see their favorite artist play a guitar solo or snap a photo of the incredible backdrops.

3. Marathons

Don’t let your audience miss a step of their favorite runner! Display results, sponsors, and live feeds, so they can know what’s going on, every mile and block.

4. Golf events

Entertain the crowd and inform sponsors, spectators, and even golfers! You can show scores, leaderboards, and live updates, so everyone can see the action up close, swing by swing.

5. Fairs/festivals

No matter the size of the fair or festival, entertain, engage, and inform the crowd. From wayfinding to announcing special events and close-ups of hot dog eating contests, there are endless uses!

6. Worship Events

Transform your weekly worship service or event into an impactful experience! Display hymn lyrics and illustrations so everyone can participate in the service. In addition, communicate important announcements and information about upcoming events.

7. Trade shows

With so many other booths and competitors at trade shows, it’s essential to stand out. Dress up your area and business information with visuals and effects that will catch any passerby’s attention!

8. Watch parties

Whether it’s the big game or a movie premiere, an LED display can upgrade your audience’s viewing experience. Let your audience enjoy the spectacle no matter where they’re sitting. At this watch party, no one will miss out on the fun!

9. Fundraisers

Bring attention to your fundraiser so you can effectively raise more money! Announce important messages, display sponsors, and promote the event.

10. Parades

Whether the kids want to see close-ups of the decorations and crazy colors, or the adults need some direction, an LED screen can serve both as a part of the show or a stationary display!

11. Graduation ceremonies

Graduation is one of the biggest days of some people’s lives, so let your audience be a part of this significant moment! Show close-ups of students walking and key information about the program itinerary.

12. Marches/rallies

Whatever message you need to get across, get it across loud and proud with outdoor screens!

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