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Screen NITS | What are NITS in Display?

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From phones and computer screens to televisions and mobile LED displays, brightness matters.

Have you ever taken your laptop outside only to discover the display is just shadows? These days, many phones and tablets have auto adjust functions so that you don’t even notice the brightness change automatically when you go outside.

Brightness is a key factor to making or breaking the effectiveness of your investment in an LED display. What do you need to know when it comes to the brightness of a mobile LED display or fixed installation? NITS.



Also known as candelas per square meter, a NIT is a unit of measurement for brightness – it’s the standard unit of luminance used to describe various sources of light. The ability of the human eye to perceive brightness is often communicated in terms of candela versus the actual amount of light given off being stated in lumens. Simply put, a NIT is the brightness a viewer’s eye can perceive from a screen.

Because this measurement is based on what the eye perceives, it has several different input factors. The amount of lumens (light given off by the screen), number of pixels, and pixel pitch (how close the pixels are to one another), all impact how much light the eye can perceive. What ultimately matters is how all of those factors work together in the viewing experience.



Think about using your phone. The brighter your surroundings, the brighter you need your screen and vice versa. The more NITS the greater its brightness capabilities. That being said, screens intended for outdoor use need a greater NITS than screens for indoor use.

When we’re talking about indoor LED displays or fixed installation, we’re looking for 1000-1500 NITS. Viewing conditions indoors are highly controllable. Windows can be shaded and lights can be dimmed to enhance the viewing experience. Outdoors situations are not as simple.

It’s kind of obvious, but the main source of outdoor light, the sun, moves. So that means the brightness surrounding the viewing experience is in constant motion and is much brighter than most indoor spaces. For that reason, understanding the brightness capabilities and NITS of your mobile LED display are really important. We recommend between 3000-7000 NITS for an outdoor display that could be in direct sunlight.

Not having enough NITS will leave your content looking like shadows on a screen. Get the most out of your investment by ensuring your screen will have the brightness capabilities you need.

We’re all about unforgettable experiences – you have to be able to see something for it to be unforgettable. We care about getting you the screen you need to achieve your goals for your event.

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