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How Does Weather Affect The LED Display Experience?

led screen run as one rental event

No matter how hard you try to work around it, weather is always a risk factor in outdoor event planning. 

The best we can do as planners is to have contingencies in place and prepare based on the information we have available to us. 

And as it pertains to your Mobile LED Display, you can have peace of mind knowing that it can handle the weather. 



An ingress protection (IP) rating indicates the sealing effectiveness of an electrical object. In this case, an LED screen. IP indicates the type of rating, while the numbers identify exactly what the seal can handle. The first digit can run 0-6 and indicates the seal’s ability to block out dust. The second digit runs 0-9 and indicates how well it blocks out water. The numbers run lowest to highest so the higher the number the better the seal. 

Our Mobile LED Displays are all IP65 rated, which means they have the highest possible seal against dust and can withstand low pressure jets of water. Simply stated, they can handle the rain.


Regardless of the details of your event, if your event is scheduled to be outdoors, you must have a plan B. Whether that plan is to move certain parts of the event indoors, cancel them altogether, or just provide people with logoed ponchos, you need an actionable plan that you are willing to execute. 

The good news is that MAX Mobile screens literally have mobile in the name. Each screen also has a fair amount of functionality that can adjust the height and direction. So if your plan B is a tent or overhang to protect your audience, give your screen location a little extra thought and potentially save yourself some work in the event of needing to execute a plan B.


When weather rears its ugly head the first thing to go is comfort. No one likes being wet. No one likes being too hot or too cold. Making sure essential amenities that can help keep your people comfortable are available is an important part of planning your event. These days distributors can put a logo on anything. Ponchos, fans, hats, cold packs, etc. You may be able to turn a negative into a positive by turning your plan B into a sponsorship opportunity.

Because the weather is a wild card, it may be a good idea to prepare information ahead of time to display on your screen. Letting people know where to go and what is available for their comfort is a quick and easy way to help them enjoy the event. 

Unforeseen weather happens to everyone. The best thing to do is have a back up plan and choose products that can stand up to the elements. 

For more information on how a MAX Mobile Display can take your event to the next level, contact our team of professionals.