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Outdoor LED Movie Screens

Outdoor LED Displays greatly outshine projection screens,
and can transform your outdoor movie night.

LED Movie Screen Experts

Our outdoor movie LED Screens provide stunning quality, premier service, and real crowd engagement. With a dedicated technician and flexible applications, you can work with a screen that works with you.

country park with movie on led screen trailer

Turnkey Units

We offer a lineup of turnkey, high resolution Mobile LED Display units for rent that are perfect for any outdoor movie event. Our most popular products are our MAX unit, offered in 4 sizes for any viewing distance or crowd size. Let us handle the set up, production, and tear down. For more information on how to enhance your movie event, click below!


Hurley | Owner, Hurley Enterprises “We came to Insane Impact with a dream to start a company and have an immediate impact in bringing high end video LED screens to many different venues. Our relationship with Insane has allowed us to fulfill that dream. We look forward to working with Insane impact in the future to grow and have a larger impact in how video is shown across the USA, indoors and outdoors.”
team member

Kevin Hurley

Owner, Hurley Enterprises

“In the busy world of email, it is easy to forget to thank people and companies that make a difference, do it with pride, provide an exceptional product, include outstanding service and with a smile of can-do attitude! From the first call to our last events, the entire team at Insane Impact has been a joy to work with to deliver an exceptional experience to our guests above and beyond just a set of LED panels!”
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Jay Weidner

Managing Partner, On the Scene Event Company

“I would recommend Insane Impact at the drop of a hat. Their goal was to understand what we wanted and then our vision soon became their vision. I’ve worked with a ridiculous amount of vendors over 25 years in the golf business and they are at the very top of the list, they are definitely in the top 5 vendors and I hope I can continue to work with them for as long as I’m doing this.”
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Greg Conrad

Owner, Zephyr Events