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What is a Video Wall? The Basics

Insane Impact

February 4, 2022

We’re all looking for new ways to engage those we want to reach. A more permanent, yet dynamic approach is with a video wall. Whether you’re at the beginning of your search or trying to find a partner to deliver your vision for your space, here are the basics.

A VIDEO WALL is a multi-screen setup that functions as a single display. They are often seen in square or rectangle configurations. However, technology and trends are expanding to offer a wide range of shapes and size configurations.


Immersive Experience. Surround your audience with stunning visuals that invite and excite. Museums, children’s hospitals, and venues are commonly considered video walls for this purpose.

Educating Patrons. These days product offerings and pricing can change overnight. Retailers, concessions, and restaurants often use video walls to keep their patrons informed.

Creating Awareness. Whether you’re attending a sporting event or entering a corporate office, video walls are often used to showcase statistics, sponsors, and even branding.


A video wall receives information on what to display from a video wall processor or controller. The processor pieces the video content from the source, a separate computer, out to each screen.

In all honesty, there are several different ways to set up your processor and source content to a video wall. The way yours is designed will depend largely on the purpose of the wall, your budget, and the location of your video wall control.

When considering installing a video wall system, don’t forget to plan for the location of the controller and processor equipment.


Video walls serve a number of purposes to enhance the experience of your patrons. Ultimately, that purpose along with your space availability will determine the location of the wall.

For example, if you’re planning to utilize a video wall to display a menu or some type of pricing/product information you’ll want it visible from where transactions take place. That may be above or beside depending on wall space. Then you’ll need to consider your source and controller. Do you have space in a closet or nearby office to locate that set up?

Deciding where to put your wall has several factors with different priorities. The good news is that these systems are versatile.

Insane Impact is here to help bring your vision to life. Our trained professionals will walk through your specific objectives and provide solutions that achieve them. Reach out to our sales team today.

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