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LED Screen Rental in Nashville, TN

Nashville's leader in event-enhancing LED display screens

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Insane Impact is Nashville, Tennessee’s #1 provider of LED screen rental for events.

Our event-enhancing mobile screens are perfect for concerts and festivals in the Music City. Display IMAG (image magnification) of the performance to give every event-goer a front-row view. Play advertising, branding, and messaging to engage your audience while generating revenue.

Other events that our video walls are popular for include tailgates, watch parties, graduations, parades, block parties, worship events, and trade shows just to name a few.

Looking to see what Insane Impact’s industry leading outdoor & indoor displays can do for you?

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Product Features

We offer Nashville 4 mobile LED screen rental sizes, from 12 ft. wide by 7 ft. tall all the way up to 23 ft. by 13 ft.

Each industry leading product features:

  • High resolutions – Our rental screens use low pixel pitches (2.6mm-6mm) for crystal clear picture and high resolution viewing at close distances.
  • Bright picture – Our outdoor screens get bright enough (4,500+ nits) for outdoor viewing under the brightest sunlight.
  • Fully weatherproof design – Outdoor screens are IP65+ rated to withstand the most adverse rain or snow, with 45 mph stamped wind rating.


When you rent a Nashville screen from Insane Impact, you receive more than an industry leading product. You receive full service from our highly trained team of LED experts. 

Each rental includes delivery, setup, operation, and teardown by 1 of our expert LED technicians. We will run the display behind the scenes so you can focus on hosting a rock star event!

LED Display Rental Guide


What is your pricing?

We price our Nashville rentals by the day. Our smallest screen, the MAX 127, starts at a rental rate of $3,000 for the first day. The rate for consecutive days is generally around $1,500.

What is included with a rental?

Our flat rental rate includes everything you need for a successful event. This includes delivery, setup, power, operation, consultation, and audio.

Additional fees would be for special setup requirements such as print signage, or for advanced production such as camera switching or stadium audio.

What can I display?

If you can dream it, we can display it. Popular on-screen content that we display includes camera feeds, video clips, slideshows, and advertisements.

Our dedicated content consultant will ensure that your content is optimized and you are getting the best value from your display.

What screen is right for me?

Our MAX 127 is generally suggested for smaller gatherings or budget-conscious ones. For larger events, we have sizes ranging from 15’x8′ up to 23’x13′. Based on your audience size, viewing requirements, and budget, we will make sure that you have the perfect screen for your unique application.

Tech terms


A mobile LED screen is a screen constructed onto a set of wheels. They include the benefits of fast setup, adjustable height, and reduced labor costs.

Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is the distance, in millimeters, between two pixels. The lower the number, the higher the respective picture quality. In general, for outdoor events you want a pitch of 10mm or lower, and indoor events you want a pitch of 5mm or lower.

Aspect Ratio

An aspect ratio is the proportion of a display screen’s width to its height, written as N:N. The standard aspect ratio is 16:9, and all of our mobile LED screen rental products are in this ratio.


Nits is a measurement of an LED panel’s brightness. Outdoor video walls require 4,500+ nits, and indoor ones are generally 1,000-2,000 nits in brightness.

IP Rating

An IP rating measures LED equipment’s resistance to nature’s elements. Written as IPNN, the first number represents resistance to solids and the second digit liquids. Outdoor screens require IP65 or higher to withstand rain.

Still Have Questions?

At Insane Impact, it is our mission to elevate the event experience with industry leading LED displays & services.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for and are shopping around for the best provider, or are brand new to LED rental and just have questions, we would love to chat about what we can do for your Nashville event.

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